All for Isabelle – The story of Petals In The Park

Stillbirth is the devastating reality for far too many of us here in the UK. In the face of such crippling grief, the knowledge that we can reach out for help, for support and understanding is vital. Most of that help comes in the form of charitable organisations who rely on the generosity of the public to keep going.

Today I’m linking to Clare from Mud & Nettles. Her latest post tells the story of her friend Amelia and the loss of her daughter, Isabelle. It also tells of the amazing work Amelia has done in fundraising for the charity ‘Petals‘ who helped Amelia through such dark times.



Originally posted on Mud & Nettles:


I’m going off topic today.

Taking my blog out of its comfort zone.

A post that is difficult to write and possibly the same to read.

I’m sorry. Yet I am not.

Today I’m talking about a friend. A special one. She even has a name!

My friend Amelia.

We met many years ago when we were 16, at college in Cambridge. We’ve been friends ever since. Working in both the early years and training sectors our paths have crossed, joined and parted many times over the years but our friendship remained.
We’ve been through life’s big events together, getting stupidly tipsy, losing jobs – (the same one!), getting hitched and even had children a few weeks apart – we were even in hospital at the same time, but mostly getting tipsy. Life was good.

Then Amelia’s world was to fall apart.

Nearing the end of her second pregnancy Amelia visited the maternity hospital for a routine check-up. Amelia mentioned her baby had not been so active and so the midwife listened for the Heartbeat. A second midwife joined and Still they couldn’t find the heartbeat.


Concerned, the decision was made to do a scan.

Instantly Amelia was to discover the devastating news that her baby had died.

Alone and scared all Amelia could do was phone her husband to tell him the news.

A few days later I was to receive the very same call from him. The shock, disbelief and the hope that I’ve heard him wrong.

I said very little.

What can you say?

Nothing can make this ok.

Amelia was to then endure the unimaginable heartache of delivering her child. Stillborn.
A much longed for daughter who will not cry as she is placed in her mother’s arms for the first time.
A baby born perfect but sleeping.

A precious few days spent in hospital with their beautiful daughter Isabelle.

Cherished reminders made of their short time together. Hand and Foot prints, a baby blanket and some photographs.

Only memories to bring home, when you have to leave your baby behind…




To read the rest of this post head over to Mud & Nettles and let Clare finish Amelia and Isabelles story. A story of loss, grief, bravery and awareness.

If you are in the Cambridge area this Saturday, join Petals In The Park  and support this wonderful charity that aims to become nationwide in the next few years.


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