The Hardest Father’s Day

Tom, I don’t want to write a sad post today. I don’t want to spend the day upset, and I certainly don’t want you to.

I know if Robyn were here, you’d both be camped out on the sofa watching the F1…though I’m pretty sure you’d both be asleep after a few laps.
Mac would be at your feet, and you would all be making your own little noises of contentment whilst ‘mum’ here would be in the kitchen whipping up a feast fit for our first ‘father’s day’.

Sadly this isn’t our reality as much as we long for it.

So I want you to know how proud I am to call you my husband and how amazing you are. I want you to know I love you more than chocolate, more than all the metal vinyl in the world. I want you to know how you keep me going, keep me loving life because you’re with me on this journey, highs and lows. How you patiently remind me to take those ‘small steps’, moving forward, together.

Today especially I want you to know if Robyn were here you would be the light of her life, I know she would have been, ‘daddy’s girl’, she would of adored you, just as I adore you!

To my own dad, we may not say much about how we feel, I don’t think we have to, we just know, and I know how hard today must be for you too. Whatever life chucks at us, we have each other. You and mum are always there for me and I love you, I may not say it all that often but you’re the reason I’m who I am, a metalhead with excellent taste in films 😀

So today we’re going to do something fun, we’re going to laugh, eat, drink and appreciate the people we love, those who can’t be here and those who very much are.


5 thoughts on “The Hardest Father’s Day

  1. Tara

    Happy first Father’s Day, Tom. I’m sorry it’s not as it should be or as you wish it and Robyn isn’t here with you. It sounds like Mands has a lovely day planned for you.

    1. Mother Mands Post author

      Even when he’s a pain in the arse I love him to bits, I know he would of been teaching Robyn how to burp and many other unlady like traits 🙂 x


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