Happiness is Homemade

Happiness IS Homemade

Time lurches on and generally speaking things are well. I have a new job at a local cafe which I am really enjoying, summer is nearly here and me and Tom are good, a bit skint at the mo (new car was a must), but otherwise good. We both have our off days, and recently with the anniversary of Robyn’s death, we have both struggled with our grief, made all the harder by the fact there is still no baby on the way. This is something that occasionally makes me anxious and stressed, I panic that I’m not getting any younger and since losing Robyn my body, in particular my menstrual cycle is all over the place, how much this is due to me worrying I don’t know, but I know I can’t keep stressing, I have to push forward, I have to speak to doctors, look after myself, and most importantly I have to enjoy the here and now, and appreciate the day to day happiness I share with Tom.

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Hold You Forever In The Middle Of Our Hearts

We can’t believe its been a year without you.
We think of you each and everyday.
We love you, and miss you as much, if not more, than the day you left.

But we’ll hold you forever, in the middle of our hearts.

Mum & Dad xXx


Rhubarb, Ginger & Lemon Bundt

Rhubarb, Lemon & Ginger Bundt

Forced Yorkshire Rhubarb, sweet, tender and a lovely vibrant pink! As soon as I spotted it in the farm shop I knew I had to crack out some special desserts with this fantastic local ingredient. First I made a Rhubarb and lemon bakewell, and I will remake this to photograph and add to the blog very soon (we’d demolished it before I had chance). Today six of us sat down for a big Sunday dinner, a delicious pork loin followed by an equally delicious sticky toffee pudding with custard. The rhubarb, lemon and ginger bundt was a little something special for later in the afternoon with a good cup of Yorkshire tea. It exceeded expectations and got a thumbs up all round!

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King Mookly - My Brother's Amazing Art

King Mookly – My Brother’s Amazing Art!

You may have noticed a recent lack of activity on my blog and my presence online in general, the biggest reason being I have been busy designing a website for my little bro. Most of our family are fairly creative and have a flair for drawing, painting and photography. Me, my brother and my cousins have always had an interest in horror, fantasy and sci-fi, fuelled by musical tastes a little more ‘heavy’ than most. My brother, Daniel, has always drawn and over the years has just got better and better. I’ve been amazed by some of his recent work, and equally amazed that he isn’t making a living from his art. So to help him on his way making a name for himself and letting others get a taste of his unique style, I decided to create him a website.

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Cancer Fucking Cancer

Cancer Fucking Cancer!

Sorry about the offensive title…nah, I’m not really 🙂 Most of us have a strong opinion about cancer, because if it doesn’t touch our own lives it will surely touch the lives of those we love. The song, ‘Cancer Fucking Cancer’ by the death metal band Cancer (yep, there was a band called cancer, I don’t advise reading the lyrics if you are easily offended) was my first real introduction to the disease, the first time I’d ever really thought about it. I was 15 years old and didn’t really know anyone who’d been affected by cancer, it was just a word that was whispered more than spoken. Thankfully as the years have gone by our reluctance to talk about cancer has somewhat faded, but there still remains much misunderstanding and fear, making an already frightening journey a lot worse.

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#MySundayPhoto - A Hearty Breakfast

#MySundayPhoto – A Hearty Breakfast

Okay so I lied, I have got a few resolutions for 2016, mainly involving moving/getting fitter and upping my game with healthier eating habits, in particular actually eating breakfast! Neither me or Tom really bother with breakfast, the last thing I can be arsed to do at 5.30 a.m. is whip up a batch of scrambled egg on toast, but I know it would do both of us good to start the day with a healthy, filling brekkie.

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