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Just Incase You’re Wondering…The Blog is Temporarily ‘Broke’!

Don’t ask me what I’ve done, I’m not sure myself.
So it’s going to be a ‘do-over’, but I’m in no rush, and just haven’t the time at the moment. Expect quite a few changes though, I have plans, lots of them!
I will also have a lot of news.

I was in two minds whether to even carry on with this blog, but a few major life changes (some good, some not so good), mean things HAVE to change.
I’ve been angry quite a lot recently, but I can’t be bothered to waste my energy anymore. I now have too many good things to channel my energy into. My ace husband has given me some great ideas too ūüėČ

So for any of you who do follow this blog (though bugger all has been updated in the past few months), sorry, I’m a bit shit at the moment, but I WILL be back, bigger, better and with lots of cake ūüėÄ


Caribbean Food Week – Something Sweet

Caribbean Inspired Desserts


Here comes the sweet stuff! ūüôā I really enjoyed coming up with some Caribbean inspired desserts to share with family and friends. Both of the following recipes are perfect for a summer party, and as it is now officially Caribbean Food Week 2016, what are you waiting for? Oh the weather…well, just bring your party inside! After the heat and spice of the savoury dishes, it’s time to cool down with some ice-cream and relax with a fruity cupcake.

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Curried Sweet Potato Patties

Caribbean Food Week – Vegan & Veggie

I’m not a vegan, I’m not even a vegetarian, but I don’t generally eat much meat. I like experimenting with veggie and vegan recipes, and on the whole believe in the western world we eat far too much meat. Tom was totally against the idea of meat free Monday a year or so ago, but these days we have¬†3 or 4 veggie or vegan meals a week, and there are very¬†few¬†complaints. So I really wanted to try a couple of Caribbean flavoured veggie/vegan dishes, for Caribbean Food Week*.

The following recipe has become a firm favourite of Toms, and as it’s a handy snack/party size, he requests a couple in his lunchbox now. This recipe was inspired by the Caribbean beef patty I tried at the recent Skipton food festival, I really liked the pastry, but found the filling a little too stodgy combined with the pastry. These little curried sweet potato versions are light and moreish; perfect as party food.

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Caribbean Food Week – Meat Treats

It’s that time of the year! August 22nd – 29th is Caribbean Food Week!¬†I enjoyed myself so much last year experimenting with the flavours of the Caribbean, I jumped at the chance to get involved with Grace Foods*¬†celebrations again. I received a massive hamper of goodies (pictured) to help me come up with loads of recipes, along with plenty of party props, including a brilliant blow up palm tree that has taken up permanent residence in our garden.¬†Me and Tom love spicy foods (Tom in particular), and I especially¬†love the flavours of Caribbean cuisine. This years theme is ‘street party’, and I’ve been extremely busy in the kitchen whipping up my take on Caribbean party food. This first post (I have a few posts lined up), is dedicated to meat treats.

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Bilberry Shortbread Bakewell Slices

Bilberry Bakewell Shortbreads

Oooh this is a good one! It requires a little more work than some of my bakes, but the result is well worth it. As I am obsessed with not only bilberries but almonds too, I try and come up with a lot of recipes featuring both. I spotted the idea for a shortbread base on a post on instagram, featuring some delicious raspberry shortbread bakewells on a market stall. I loved the idea of a bakewell with a more substantial base, and more cake like. There was no accompanying recipe, so I just decided to experiment. After the failure of a mushy shortbread on one of my bakes (we still ate it all though), I finally mastered this bilberry treat!

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Bilberry & Lemon Friands - Gluten Free

Bilberry & Lemon Friands – Gluten Free

What the hell is a friand? Yep, that’s exactly what I thought too, but after lots of experimenting with these little cakes, they’ve become a new favourite. French for ‘dainty‘, friands are also very popular in Australia too. They are generally made with ground almonds and icing sugar, and are light, sweet and very moreish!
There’s a lot of scope to play around with different flavours, and seeing as it’s my fave time of year, the bilberries are back! I also found it easy to make these gluten free, as there is very little flour in friand recipes anyway. You can whip a batch of these up in no time, and I think they’re a little more ‘grown-up’ than the boring cupcake.

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Cherry and Almond Pie

Cherry and Almond Pie

I keep putting photos up on instagram and facebook of all the food I’ve been cooking and baking recently (and there’s been LOTS), then promising to share the recipes. Well life always has a habit of getting in the way, and subsequently I have a very large backlog of¬†posts waiting for you. I’ve decided to entice you with a sweet treat first off. Cherries, almonds, pie…need I say more? ūüėČ

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The Third and Hopefully Final

The Third and Hopefully Final

They say bad things come in three’s, this means my trio of shit is complete! Cancer, stillbirth and now infertility.

As suspected I have started early menopause, so I can forget pregnancy with my own eggs. This is obviously a massive blow to my dreams of motherhood and our joint dream of becoming parents; BUT it means we can now start on a new path and see a different way of reaching our goal. I AM optimistic, I AM determined and I AM going to FIGHT for our future child!
The consultant I saw today was, for a change, direct and pragmatic, which is how I prefer it. I really don’t want anyone’s pity, I want to move forward and I want action, pity doesn’t achieve f*** all!

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A New Journey - Infertility

A New Journey – Infertility

When It’s Not ‘Fine’

“Oh everything will be fine, you’ll be fine, everything will work out fine…”


Sometimes, actually a lot of the time¬†it’s not fine! Not everything can be fixed, not everyone can be made better, life is¬†frequently and indiscriminately cruel.

I have a lot of tests, hospital visits, scans, etc to come, but based on the evidence so far…I have started menopause prematurely. The likelihood of having a child naturally, with my own eggs is now low to nonexistent.

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